Tuesday, July 4, 2017


I hope you enjoy it

1. Draw a house with 4 windows. Put curtains on

of them.

2. Draw a door. Color

of it purple and of it yellow.

3. Draw a chimney with 10 bricks. Color of the bricks brown.

4. Draw 3 clouds. Color of them gray.

5. Draw 15 raindrops. Color

of them blue.

6. Draw 14 flowers. Color of them blue. Color the other orange.

7. Draw the sun. Color

yellow and


8. Draw 10 trees in the yard. Make

of them apple trees.

9. Draw 15 stars. Color

of them black.

10. Draw 4 cars in the driveway. Color

the cars blue.


  1. Hi Jesse this is all awesome. Just add it a bit smaller. Bye

    1. Hi Dani its Jesse here thanks for telling me that I didn't know that was like that. blog you later!!!


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