Thursday, May 31, 2018

I Will Never, NOT EVER, eat

Hi bloggers I told my brother Connor some lies about some food here are the lies.

Introduction: State your opinion. Why is it important to eat healthy? Make your reader want to keep reading.
Connor I know you don’t like these foods but i’m going to tell you the true story...
First Point: What is your first argument for your audience to eat healthy. Remember this paragraph should only be about this one idea. Don’t mix ideas.
Hay Connor I know that you strongly dislike cheesy garlic pizza from dominoes but did you know that it is freshly made in mars and that the cheese is from the moon and the milk is from the milky way and baked from the sun so you should try it!
Second Point: Your second point goes in this paragraph. Remember to use some strong persuasive language in here.
I also know that you don't like pasta but did you know that it is called space rocks? The milk is from space cows and it is made on the moon and it is super yummy! You should most definitely try it.
Third Point: This is your last chance to convince your audience! Make it strong!
I know you don’t like lettuce but did you know that it is called crunchy line from the core of the earth it goes good with burgers from Mcdonalds which I know is favourite.   
Conclusion: Sum up your points, You could end with a rhetorical question.
So Connor you were wrong about these foods… time to give them a go.
hope you liked it. Blog you later!!!

Monday, May 28, 2018


Hi bloggers I have been doing some timetables and I screen shot it so here is some screen shots.
I am good at my2, 5 and 10's. I need to work on my3 & 4's.
So as you can see, I am not that good at my timetables. BLOG YOU LATER!!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2018

why we should go out earlier and why pets are allowed to come to school

Children should get to go out 8 mins earlier and come back 8 mins later. So the kids get more play time and so the kids get to eat longer because some people come back still eating food and that's why the kids should go out 8 mins earlier and come back 8 mins later. Pets should be allowed to come to school because dogs and puppies are fun to play with. Cats and kittens are cute.

   Image result for dogs and puppies                                  Image result for cats and kittens

Friday, May 18, 2018

Why I think the wolf is Guilty

Hi bloggers today I have just finished my story about why I think the wolf is guilty hope you enjoy
Introduction: This will introduce your topic and have a little bit of information about why you believe the wolf is guilty. Describe what you think he is like as a wolf.
The wolf is Guilty because he ate the two little pigs they could have been knocked out. He wanted some sugar but it could’ve been a trap just so the pigs let him in then the wolf could have just ate the pigs once he got in.
First argument: Think of a strong argument about why the wolf is guilty. Introduce it here. Remember to expand on your idea and add evidence from the text.
The wolf blow the two little pigs house down and the wolf ate them. They could’ve been knocked out. If I was the wolf I would have went to the shop to buy some sugar.  
Second argument: What is another strong argument? Begin this paragraph with connecting words such as- “another reason, secondly, also” Remember to use evidence from the text.
Why didn’t the wolf go and get some medicine if he was sick? It’s super rude to just go down the chimney. How do you know that the wolf is telling the truth he might just be saying that story just so he didn't go to jail.  
Third argument: This is the last paragraph to use information to try and convince your audience, make it a strong point!
I bet you $9999999999999999999 and a free mansion and everything will gold that you's can't prove that the wolf is innocent because why would a wolf go down the neighborhood just for a cup of sugar.
Conclusion: Sum up your argument. Make it persuasive “Without a doubt, as you can see, the wolf is definitely guilty because…”
So as yous can see the wolf is guilty so the three little pigs and the pigs mum are rite so there is no way to say that the pigs are guilty and that the wolf is innocent    
blog you later!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

bully free week

Hi bloggers I made a google drawing with dani and isaiah called bully free week hope you enjoy it blog you later!!!

Friday, May 11, 2018

My Journal

Hi bloggers I got a treat for yous its a Journal here's the slide I have only done one at the moment.

blog you later!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Smart Goals 2018

Hi guys I am going to show yous my Smart Goals slide and yous should do it to

blog you later!!!